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McAfee software provides the cyber security services to protect your electronics data, you can go through its downloading and installing process of McAfee antivirus from the online website In case you wish to download and activate the McAfee product on the device, you will require an activation key. You will get the activation key after purchasing the McAfee product. It is the 25-digit alphanumeric key which you will find inside the product envelope or in the email account in case you purchased your McAfee setup online.

How to Download McAfee Antivirus?

If you would like to download McAfee product on the device, you should have good speed of Wi-Fi or broadband network on the device. After downloading McAfee software, it can protect your device from viruses.  Go through the steps mentioned below for downloading McAfee product on the device.

  • Go to the web browsing software.
  • Click on the link in the address bar section.
  • Type the activation key from the linked email account or from the envelope of the McAfee product.
  • Press on the "Submit" button.
  • On the next step, the users will get the window for logging in on their registered account of McAfee.
  • In case the users have a McAfee account, then no need of creating another account.
  • Just type the McAfee email address and password in case the users have a McAfee account already.
  • Open the "My Account" webpage.
  • Choose the McAfee product by going to the entire McAfee products list provided on the McAfee download window.
  • Tap on the "Download now" option next to the McAfee product for starting the download procedure.
  • Tap on the "Run" or "Save File." This option depends on the version of the default browser for saving the downloaded setup on the computer.
  • The users have to wait until the download procedure gets complete.

How to Install McAfee Antivirus?

Once you have completed the download procedure of McAfee setup on the system, go to its installing process. Open the “Downloads” folder and click on the downloaded setup for starting the installation process. Here’s how:

  • The users have to ensure that the McAfee setup has completed its downloading procedure on the computer, before moving to the installing procedure.
  • The users have to go to the "Downloads" folder.
  • Click twice on the downloaded McAfee setup.
  • Tap on the "Yes" button for allowing the McAfee software to create any new changes.
  • Press on the "Agree" option for accepting the McAfee program legal agreement.
  • Tap on the "Install" option.
  • Type the registered email address and password, in case it is compulsory to do so.
  • Tap on the "Install" McAfee program for starting the installation
  • Go through the guidelines provided on the McAfee install window for completing its installation procedure.
  • Tap on the "Close" button for shutting down the installation window from the desktop.

How to Activate McAfee Antivirus?

If you had brought the McAfee setup by visiting its official site,  you will get the identification key in the associated email ID.

  • The users have to open the McAfee program which they had downloaded and installed earlier.
  • Go to the Control Panel window or click
  • Tap on the "Help" button.
  • Press on the "Activate Now" option.
  • The users have to type the 25-digit alphanumeric activation key in the provided section.
  • Tap on the "Next" button.
  • The users have to wait until the activating procedure gets complete.