How To Fix Synchronization Issue Of Fitbit?

Make your Fitbit work like before

There can be plenty of reasons behind the failure of synchronization issue of Fitbit to devices such as an iPhone, Android device or PC. You get to know about it by an application that informs you the same.

Reasons behind the synchronization issue of a Fitbit

The problem of disassociation of a Fitbit with cell phone, tablet, PC that it was connected earlier is because majority people try getting connected to plenty of gadgets altogether. Sometimes the Fitbit also stops working.

The methods of fixing a Fitbit tracker synchronization issue

1.    Force synchronization

Force synchronization can be done by clicking on the ‘member card’ icon. After that, press on the name of a Fitbit tracker. Lastly, press on Synchronization Now.

2.    Go through Bluetooth settings

Fitbit trackers do synchronization of smartphones, tablets, and PC with the help of Bluetooth. Note that whenever Bluetooth is turned off, the devices shall not be able to connect.

3.       Updating Fitbit application

The application should be the latest one. If it is the older one then, the device might have a problem at the time connecting to the tracker. Mark that applications shall be updated from within the Application Store itself.

4.       Download the Fitbit application

A Fitbit needs the downloading of a special application for connecting to another device and for synchronizing the items. Fortunately, the Fitbit application is available free of cost and is accessible for iOS, Android and Windows 10 users.

5.         Disabling

A couple of times people prefer using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth together, and as a result, not everything works efficiently. For instance, if you want to synchronize your Fitbit tracker, then this leads in obstructing the connectivity of the Bluetooth and for stopping it from completing synchronization.

6.             Restart the Fitbit tracker

The restarting of a Fitbit is similar like restarting PC. It refreshes the system’s OS and troubleshoots problems related to your device most of the time.

The method of doing it is different from system to system.The given below method is followed in majority of the time:

  1. Firstly, plugging the Fitbit tracker to the USB charging cable.
  2. Then, connection the Fitbit tracker to a power source.
  3. After that, do a long press on the main button for some time.
  4. Note that the symbol of Fitbit shall get displayed.
  5. Lastly, have a look that your device is getting restarted.

Hope you have been able to fix the synchronization issue of a Fitbit.

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