How to Turn off Find My iPhone Activation Lock

Everyone places Activation Locks on their iPhone or iPad so that they can protect their personal data from theft. If you enable the Activation Lock on your device, then other people cannot use anything on your device without having the permission from you. Make sure that if you want to sell your iOS device, then you remove or log out from your iCloud account first.

Steps to Disable Find My iPhone on iPhone and iPad

The Activation Lock feature is attached to the application of “Find my iPhone” on iPhone and iPad. In case the users are having their iOS device now, then it will be the quickest way for disabling the Activation Lock from iPhone or iPad.

Note: They can also format their iPhone or iPad for removing the entire content & settings. After that, the users will get the option of removing “Find My iPhone” and “Activation Lock” which is a part of the procedure.

•    Open the “Settings” option located in the iOS device main page.

•    Click the “Apple ID banner” option.

•    Click on the “iCloud” application.

•    Press on the “Find My iPhone” option.

•    Toggle the “Find My iPhone” to disable.

•    Type the “Apple ID” registered password for the verification of the Apple ID.

•    Click on the “Turn Off” option.

The users have to log out from the iCloud account in case they are planning to sell their iOS device.

How to Remove Your Device with Find My iPhone?

The users cannot distantly disable the “Find My iPhone” application. By using the different iPhone or iPad or using the “Find My iPhone” application, they can remove the iOS device from the “Find My iPhone” application by deleting it. The steps are listed below to know how to remove your device with Find My iPhone app:

•    Open the “Find My iPhone” application by going to your iPhone or iPad.

•    In case the users do not have that application, then they can install it by clicking on the “App Store” and after that press on “Download Now” button.

•    Log in to the account which is registered with the iCloud.

•    Click on the iPhone or iPad device they would wish to remove.

•    Press on the “Actions” option located at the end of the iOS device display.

•    Click the “Erase” button provided on the end right side of the display.

•    Hit “Erase” option for removing the entire contents & settings from the iPhone or iPad.

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